Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Updatements: Manchester, Online etc

So i headed over to Manchester for the UKIPT last week, my main event ended quite early which has become a habit of mine in live play. I drew quite a silly table where everyone on it thought that it would be cool to 3 and 4bet eachother on the very first level,

there was one hand wer i open JJ UTG+1 to like 200 after a limp, 2callers, this guy now squeezes to 750, its a shitty spot for me i know i'm ahead of the 3bettors range its like his 5th one so far and he has 4bet once, however i don't really want to 4bet with 15k stacks cos i'm putting myself into a shitty spot post regardless of the flops that dont come Jxx cos i reckon he will just flat whatever piece of crap he 3bet with, but also if i flat the other two lads will call behind, so i take the safest option which is to effectively setmine and call other two blokes call,

flop Q85, checks thru, i think no shud check a queen, unless one of the overcallers have a set i'm good,

turn comes a K, i think ah fuck it that just hit someone lets check again, it gets checked thru, i'm like hmmm

River A, check and hope and everyone obliges i turn up the JJ and win WTF, this just highlights the table imo, its a 3bet pot 4ways and no one can beat 4th pair,

I played a pretty weird hand which i made some mistakes on posted it here :

that left me with like 6.5k and i grinded it back up to like 10k when this happened, the lunny villain opens to 425, two callers to me, i look at QTdd on the button i have already been active shipping and re raising so that is out of the question i have too much to just jam but that wouldn't be awful, i can 3bet fold but that wud suck so calling is the best option, the BB who 3 or 4 times at the table looked like he was going to cry and who was greatly inexperienced called as well playing maybe 11k just barely covering me anyways,

FLOP come QsJd3d, checks thru to me i bet like 2525 into ~2kish, BB tanks shoves 10.5k, i overbet the pot by accident i put out all my low demonition chips and left myself with like 6.5k behind, when he shoved after looking like someone was setting him on fire, i felt it was a marginal hand like the nut flush draw, which i do beat i have a pair and two blockers,

so i call pretty quick, he flips AKdd what horrible flat pre, i expected to A8dd or something like that,

anyways 9d hits the turn no one outter for me,

so after this early bustout i considered changing my flight and just coming home but decided to grind it out a lil online and i managed to win a second package to LAPT Uruguay which means i got the $ for it, but i did have a couple of deep runs and bust outs in tourneys which sucked i just can't win any important flips in tourneys deep i build my stack without putting myself at risk and then i just lose a bunch of 50/50, 60/40, 70/30, 80/20s, its tourney variance and its only matter time etc the important thing is getting deep and the luck will look after itself, i also managed to bubble a Berlin package and UKIPT package for Coventry and came 6th in the 30r 6max last night after getting slowrolled on the river i flop nut flush vs a bare pair of fives runner runneraments for him and we play a pot for all the chips in play,

also would just like to say that fair play to Dara O'Kearney (Slowdoke on PS) he is the satelite king winning 2packages to EPT Berlin, his first of many to UKIPT Coventry, i railed one of his Berlin seats from about 40 out with 5seats and it was lesson in how to play a satelite and just totally owned it

also congratz to my horsey AK47 who had a deep run in the Micro Million and was unlucky not to go further

its unfortunate but i'm afraid that i am going to have drop out of college in maynooth, i have discussed it over with my mam and sister, the guys in BBV at Irish poker boards and i have got some really good advice, but the fact remains that i have a compulsory class which i have missed 3 of already with going to uruguay next week i will miss another and will flunk the year, therefore i am going to cut my losses(already 3k down the drain) and dropout, i have emailed some of my lectures and they wish me luck, so its official i am playing poker as a profession


  1. Thanks for the kind comments Jay, much appreciated.

    Good luck playing professionally: I have no doubt in my mind that you have both the talent and the temperament to do it very successfully.

  2. I wish you good luck. You can do it.

  3. @ dara, your praise is well deserved imo(you have won another since congratz)

    and thanks

    @ dale, cheers and loving the Vblogs good stuff

    @ iain, cheers and keep up the good wrk on IPR