Sunday, January 31, 2010


Just a quick update, was off college this week which was nice to have a break, as for the past month i had my exams looming over me and i couldn't put in any significant volume

I played 82tournaments from last sunday wit profit of 527$ av.stake of 48 and -3% roi,
i ran kinda shitty not winning the important flips in tournaments losing effectively HU for a 2nd package to the LAPT event i am already going to, if it wasn't for this and the two 530euro seats i won in the 108.5 qualifiers, i would have been down a bit but thats the nature of tournaments, ya got to win those key pots when you get deep, i busted a few tourneys just wit a couple of tables left which sucks,

anyways i am looking forward to the grind today, i have staked two guys into the Sunday Million this week which double guarantee so hopefully this can work out well for all involved, i also bought some action off people too,

I plan on play the 10tourneys or so, obv the Sunday Warm up and the Million and stuff around that

Hopefully next post will read (I won the Sunday Million)


Wednesday, January 27, 2010

2009 review, plans for 2010

Better late than never with these things and to be honest the last month I have been handcuffed to college work and poker had to be put on the backburner and no serious volume was put in so very little to report.

2009 was a very successful year for me poker wise, I became a profitable player online and made in the region of 50-60k in dollars. In terms of live play I played very little in 2009 I played the Poker Ireland Festival in May(330euro in), JP masters, APPT Auckland and the UKIPT in Galway.

May Triple Header

I came 4th in the Poker Triple header for 1200euro this tournament got very disappointing numbers, somewhere in the low 30’s but I have to say the field was super soft and went out wit AA vs. 54off four-handed. I didn’t bother with any of the side events due to poor numbers and hourly rates in these tourneys would have been terrible with the structure being too good given the numbers, it’s a shame because the TD Stephen deserves better and has always ran great tourneys any I have played.

JP Masters
The JP masters was my first major tournament and I played a very weird hand day 1 against who I later found out was Jason Tompkins and too be honest I wasn’t overly impressed with his play throughout day 1. I remember the note I took was tries to play too many hands but is weak at his play on later streets. Anyways this hand he limps in early position which was the first time he had limped I think one or two guys limp behind and the fishiest of fish raises to 3x at 50-100, I call OTB wit 99, and the SB calls comes back to Jason who makes it like 1300-1500, folds all the way back to me, and I’m thinking the limp reraise went out with the dinosaurs of poker(in other words him being a young guy this is more likely a move than a strong hand) so I call and we go heads-up and I have position, the flop comes J55rainbow, he fires 2000-2200, which he is going to do with 100% of his hands, he might check 55 and JJ but anything else he’s betting, the problem in this situation my hand is fairly polarised to what it is 77-QQ, so I call and see does he fire the turn, the turn comes a Jack, he checks and this is where I make the mistake of betting 3500 he has about 10k total he eventually tries to raise to 6.5k and the dealer tells him it must be 7k, if it had of been online I would have insta shipped knowing that there is no value hands in his range other than Jx and like no Jx hands take this line, so I ponder and say god this guy must be terrible and won’t fold AA, I remember running the hand by BIGMICKG on the break and he said at every stage he has aces, anyways I tank for like 5mins and fold and he turns over 22 and say nut-low, I laugh and say in my head I’m so good and so bad, I had 11k behind and was reluctant to go broke on a hand where the villain should have AA or KK nearly always if I hand of known who the villain was during the hand I happily 4bet/call pre or bet/call the turn. Anyways I made Day two of the event with average chips and drew a pretty tough table Tom Kitt, BIGMICKG, James Sudworth and Paul Leckey to name a few. I was playing ultra loose and 4bet jammed a 3bet from Tom Kitt with 78s and he folded and commented that ya have to get one of them out of your system claiming to have Q5off. I lost a pretty huge pot with KK vs. this complete donk who called two big bets on a T674board only for a Ten to hit the river and me to check-fold and then lost a race with 66 vs. AQ.

My experiences at the APPT Auckland and UKIPT Galway can be found in previous posts on this blog.

In terms of online for the year I played very little volume but had some pretty decent results, I started off playing 9man turbos at 16$ then found the 18man turbos and transformed to these and some success and played 9man turbos up until the 38$ but where full of 5 or 6 regs not that they where overly great but just killed your ROI, so I moved to 6max SNG turbos and found these way better, as far as online tournaments I play mostly 50FOs and 100FOs and the 3x turbos.

My goals for 2010 in poker:

Play as UKIPT events possible
Play a LAPT
Play a EPT
Play Irish Open
Make $100k online
Be profitable at 400NL
Be profitable at 200PLO
Play more live even if its not plus EV for the fun and experience of live play

I would also like to win a live poker tournament and Sunday major but these are main goals but kind of if it happens happens kind of thing.

Life Goals 2010:

Finish my first College.
Get more fit and active and lose weight.
Learn to drive
Drink less
Grind more

have played a couple of sessions so far with a few deep runs but nothing to write home about, going to start now in a minute, will also be playing the Fitz EOM game 2mro as well

that was long


Tuesday, January 19, 2010


I have just registered for the below WBCOOP should be a bit of craic.

Online Poker

I have registered to play in the PokerStars World Blogger Championship of Online Poker! The WBCOOP is a free online Poker tournament open to all Bloggers, so register on WBCOOP to play.

Registration code: 517880

In other news i haven't been playing that much poker as my exams are lingering over me my last one is friday so then i'll try and get some volume of some sort on before UKIPT Manchester.

I had toyed with the idea of going down to the Lakes of Killarney festival but it just wasn't realistic with an exams looming over me, i also had hoped to play the Green Joker Deepstacked festival but it sold out, i will give my thoughts on the whole lot in a later blog post. I also intend on doing a goals plan for the year and some up last year,

so stay tuned if your tuned in and if not tune the fuck in :)


Tuesday, January 5, 2010

LAPT: Punta Del Este

Shipped a seat to this a while ago, had a step 6 ticket and been waiting to use it and saw one for the LAPT filling up wit unknowns, 6/9 wer losing players wit an average buyin of 8$ or so and then two very small winners at low stakes,

an offer i couldn't pass up

played out very well for me, didn't play any pots really until we got 6handed, the bubble was 5th

and payout: 1st and 2nd get a package worth 7k, 3rd and 4th get 2k, 5th nothing

i had 4k 6handed and luckily 5handed lasted about 10orbits and saw me accumulate to 8k by the time we got down to 4handed, and got to 3handed the next hand

so the shortie shoves his 87 into my AT and he hit 7 on the flop, but i miracle the Ten ball on the river, nice to win a 6/4 shot and ship the package, altho i would have been still not much of a dog to get the package being left wit 5k and 9k, 13k being the effective stacks

anyways good way to start out the year, had taken a complete break over the xmas new year

For the minute merry xmas and happy new year all