Friday, November 27, 2009


Well i finally snagged my ticket to the UKIPT in galway tonight in a 8.88$ 3x turbo, i've played probably in the region of 10-15 of these, including here sister or brother tourney the 10$ 3x turbo. I think i've final tabled 4 times cashing each time and losing HU last Wed. You never know when your going to run good in these crapshoots/+Ev, thankfully tonight after the rebuy i was chipleader and it got a bit ropey 4handed but sucked out wit K8 vs Ak to take double then won an important K9 vs 77 and finally A6 vs K9 hu.

I am looking forward to getting to know a few more faces on the Irish Scene as this will be my first tourney buy-in over 1k euro's in ireland. Galway is one of my favorite cities and i actually have a interesting story about my last time down there

Me and 7 of my mates wer going down to galway on the piss for one of the lads birthdays as a 21st present. there was two cars of us that set of that thursday morning, 4 in a Micra and the other 4guys in a Golf. anywho the lad who drove our car sean named his motor the BLUE BULLETT and it would be far to say he loves his car. Sean was too tight to pay the toll so we took the palmerstown route(grant it no-one complained :) ), the other lads went ahead. Usually when i go down on trips down the country i'm a fiend for drinking but you can't take your shoes off in the BLUE BULLETT never mind have a beverage. . . . it was just as well, cos jus as we wer coming up to Mullingar(i suck wit road names maybe the N4) we heard a bang like a stone taught no more of it, about 5-10mins later no-one is quite sure how long the back tyre blew, sean tried to control the car for as long as he could but eventually the car crashed into the crash barrier and it flipped a couple of times.. . . . it landed upsidedown and folded like an envelope, i was unscrathed and so was david, we rode in the back, we crawled out the windows, sean was ok few cuts on his arm, john who is about 6'3 was in the front, his head got cut pretty bad from the windscreen(tank god he didn't need stitches and is stil a twisty cunt to this day). i will try n get the picture of the car to put up cos it is quite amazing. Me n david continued to galway with the other four lads and had a great couple of day

That is my near death experience and god or my dad or someone was looking down on me that day- hopefully it will turn out to be a lucky place for me :)


Friday, November 20, 2009

Nothing Much to Report

Haven't been playing too much since my last post, have played two sundays which no success,

have had a couple of close calls in some sats for UKIPT losing heads up to SlowDoke (Dara O'Kearney), the final table went pretty well getting it in wit 99 vs AK vs JJ
i bink the 9 on the flop, this put me in a commanding lead. Dara made a sick call wit J6 to double, i had a feeling it wud be the two of us heads up, i had 2m to his 700k, but couldn't close it out losing wit K5s vs his T9s and then KJ vs his A8, left me crippled, eventually losing my last 500k wit K8 vs his KJ.

was chipleader with 14 to go in 215fo and ended up busting in 11th, ran into the only stack that cud hurt me, i don't have the HH but i open playing 50k to 1899, blinds 400/800 with an ante, Villian defends-

flop comes 3TQcc, he leads for 4000, i call

Turn comes Q, he checks i check

river comes 4, he fires 9.5k, i tank and call

in hindsight i think the river is a fold in the satty, he turned over 33 for a FH,

this left me with 20BB, dwindled to like 16BB's and shove KJ and get snapped by aces

In London at the minute, visiting a mate of mine who moved over, staying until monday evening, i was going to stay on for the GUKPT festival but with college i cannot afford to miss any more of it.

Won't play any poker to tuesday more than likely

Sunday, November 1, 2009


I haven't posted in a while, well because i have been playing very little poker since i came back from Auckland(FUCK ME the jetlag sucked), played two satty's for the IWF with no joy and other than that just a few SNG's here and there and the odd tourney but no big sessions.

I've been busy with some college work and have been catching up with friends too, and haven't been in the humour of grinding. Also my sister going volunteering in Tanzania next friday so i've been spending some time with here.

I plan on playing a good bit today, starting with the Warm up at 17.00 (Irish Time) and will register for pretty much everything until the Sunday Million at 20.30(Irish Time). I'm feeling quite fresh as i am not a big fan of Halloween and chose not to go out last night and haven't a raging hangover to get over.

Something which i am pretty excited for is the UKIPT Tour I hope to play all the Irish stops and maybe one or two of the ones in the UK.

Stars have started the Satty's for it and they are running a 3x turbo every day and 2 some days i believe, i pretty much hope to play these every day. 95% of people in these satellites play them completely wrong, which makes them great value if you know the right strategy, someone on poker boards asked me to explain wat i meant but it would be pretty foolish of me to educate people on how to play them better and make them tougher for myself.

Anyways, Hopefully i can run good, go deep and win some monies.