Wednesday, February 24, 2010

LAPT: Punta Del Este so far

I arrived in Punta Del Este safe and sound, the only problem other than the 20hours of travelling was the timing of it, I got into Montevideo airport at like ~1am and out of customs by half one, I looked for a hotel near the airport before I went but the nearest one was like 11miles away, or I suck at looking for hotels, so I decided I would hang round the airport and get the soonest bus to Punta Del Este, so that turned out to be at half 5, and to be honest it didn’t really matter either way since I didn’t make arrangements with the hotel that I’m coming a day early so I would have had to hang round the hotel waiting on my room anyways. So I had left my house at 3.30am on Monday morning but didn’t bother going asleep for an hour or so, it was now effectively 24hours later with little to no sleep.

Montevideo airport as visually appealing as it is, it really does suck as the only thing open is a McCafe which doesn’t sell still water and no where to sprall out and lie down, so I decided to just stay awake. I got the bus at like 6am and arrived in the hotel and all by 8am, got a taxi up for 484peso’s don’t know yet whether that is good or bad. All I know was that the biggest scariest looking bee flew in half way thru and wouldn’t fly out and buzzed at me for the second half the trip. I didn’t get into my room until noon, I had a shower and went for a four hour sleep, got up about 5pm. I went for a bit of stroll, the scenery is amazing, it took ages before I hit a shop or a bar. I was hoping to find somewhere to get some water because its $4.5 a bottle in the room. I didn’t get any water so I have just been toping up the room tab. I got back the room at like ~8pm, rang reception looking for an adapter for my laptop but never got one, I was pretty tired still so I didn’t make any plans to go the Stars party especially with the tourney starting today. So I just got some room service and was asleep and all by about 9.30pm.

On my flight from Dublin to Amsterdam was fine, then arrive out in Amsterdam airport which from my only other experience told me it was huge, which it is but at peek times is crazy, board my flight to Sao Paolo and this is when the fun begins, I get there to find a Chinese guy already asleep in the middle seat, I have the aisle, his leg is also in my space and in general is pushing his boundaries imo, so this constant wrestling continues for the rest of the flight and the bastard robbed my earphones, Sao Paulo airport was a bit of a blur, pretty tired and fucked and unsure whether I would have to go out and check my bag back in, was getting mixed views off people I asked, you got to love being lost in translation. I eventually trusted that it would and the guy at the TAM desk outside the boarding gate confirmed this the flight with TAM was very pleasant,wasn’t overly happy with KLM they where very unclear about having the seats up while food was being served and in general were not as pleasant as when I flew with Air Newzealand but this might have to do with the china man I mentioned, but seriously someone with there seat stretched back while your trying to get stuck into the airplane slop is not on.

So the tourney is going to start in two hours, the plan is to get shaved and showered, get some food, register with the LAPT people and head over the casino which is across this tunnel which is kind of cool. Will post an update after day 1 hopefully i will survive a couple of levels for a change

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