Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Ice you Bastard

well if you had of told me on saturday afternoon if i was going to spend sunday til 7pm tonight in hospital i'd have laughed at you,

lil did i know when i slipped on the ice on the way home from the shop that i rgery on my wrist would need surgery, i iced my wrist had a few cans of devils bit with my mates and threw a sling on my wrist and i went out, when i woke sunday morning in agony, since sunday afternoon i have spent going from vhi swiftcare to a & e in blanch. it was in vhi the doc said how badly i'd fractured my wrist that i shifted the bone the otherside and i need to get a plate put in my arm,

so off to a&e in connolly fun begins arrive 6,30pm, 7pm tiage nurse sees me, 8pm blood taken and drip added to my vain, 9pm meet surgeon and told i would stay overnight, got a bed in casualty 11pm, surgeon introduced to some of the team and tells he is confident i'll be seen, moved to a day ward noon next day thought i'd be operated on that day, 5pm comes, surgeon comes out explains he won't fit me in as two life threatening injuries have skipped me in the queue

, more than fair enough just a nuisance for me as i would not get seen until tuesday, another night of boredom fasting and plenty of half doze offs and loads of painkillers,

8am nxt morning delighted to see the surgeon, nurse dresses me which is strange i was like the biggest baby you've ever seen, the pants i had to wear where just LOL,

operation went well with no complications, anastecthic is the strangest feeling ever, came around about 3pm today and wanted to get out of hospital as quick as i could stated to drink water get dressed, went loo, sat up in a chair,

nurse comes in says your staying tonight, now all surgeons i spoke to that morning said i should defo get home that afternoon unleess i react badly, i didn't, i demanded to see a doctor or surgeon to be told why i'm staying overnight, 10min later surgeon clears me and asks the nurse why she said i had to stay? she said my paperwork wasn't finished , he said thats not a worthy enuf reason etc and she had told the surgeon i hadn't came round,

he wrote up my perscription and told me he'd see me for my check up in 2weeks,

crazy few days glad its over, shouldn't affect my Oz plans too much, on the mend now i think

bastard ice


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