Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Updating Stuff


Well next up for me is the third stop on the UKIPT which is in the wonderful place known as Coventry, I left it really late to book my flight for some reason and failed to avail of the 20euro flights but 60euro isn’t too bad I guess J it did leave me with getting 6.30am flight on Thursday morning. I am playing day 1B and hope to fair better than the last two stops on the tour. I am staying in the Novotel hotel which is meant to be near enough to the Ricoh arena which is little complex wonderland.

In terms of poker I haven’t played that much since I came back from Uruguay and any sessions I have booked have just been losing I must be building up my run good. It can be really difficult to keep a positive attitude and continue playing your best. I have ran really bad in tourneys 2010, and can’t win anytime I’m all in regardless what way the percentages are, MTT variance FTW. I remember hearing that John Juanda has never lost two pots all in a row, guess I’m doing something wrong J. I guess I am just lucky in the sense that I don’t need to worry about living expenses or future summer plans as before I decided to give this a bash full time I set aside 6months~ worth of living expenses and set money aside for the summer, I have my 21st, a wedding in Spain and a wedding in Dublin as well as a stags in abroad in May and a Stags in Dublin. I do have intents of starting a grind of 100nl and see how I like it and see how that goes and cut my MTT’s just to a Sundays. I am looking forward to the SCOOP.

I haven’t played poker in like a week and instead have been on quite a spree of drinking, went on a 14pub crawl on Saturday some reason related to easter I do never question days like this J. going out with friends and just taking your mind off the game is a big help. I also have been watching the TV Show Fringe, I got through Season 1 and am on Season 2 good show but with the same writer as Lost is it no wonder I don’t know what the fuck is going on. I have also been reading a bit, reading Bill Cullens book Penny Apples, have another book Golden Apples which he wrote but haven’t read yet, I also have my hands on Rich Dad, Poor Dad and have read some of it and so far have found it quite an interesting read. If anyone has any other good books to read leave a post below

Irish Open
Also on a side note, congratz to all the IPB’ers who cashed in the Irish Open at the weekend, particularly PistolPete who made the final table and busted in cruel fashion cause he got unlucky but got 3bet jammed in an absolute horrible spot to do so. Also congratz to IPB’ers update team who did a great job with the updates when I skimmed through all the updates yesterday.

If anyone knows anything cool to do in Coventry while I’m there let me know cause I will have Thursday and possibly Saturday and Sunday free too knowing spewy form.


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